Happy belated Pride Week!

It was pride weekend here in the twin cities, and to help along the festivities, we had 60 degree weather. Yes it was cold! No rain or snow though so we will take that any day.

The parade was good. It was not great…as I felt like there was less floats and costumes, it mainly had companies advertising. Which was just boring after a while. After the parade I headed uptown to the Food Truck fair. Now that was awesome. I had the best Philly Cheese steak sandwich without cheese or bread! The meat was cooked in jalapeño juice and it tasted awesome!

As promised, the recipe with video for the Coconut Curry Shrimp with sweet Jumbo Lump Crab Meat! It was everything and more than I expected.

I do have another similar recipe on here, but I made this one much easier and I added the sweet crab meat which took the sauce to a whole new level!

I used coconut oil to fry my shrimp in, I urge you to use that as well. It deepens the flavor of the coconut on the shrimp. I had some jumbo lump crab meat in my freezer which I wanted to use and it turned out fantastic in this dish.

Click here for the full Coconut Curry Shrimp recipe and video.

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coconut curried shrimp




Sloppy Joes!

So I was invited to a house warming a few weeks ago. One of the items on the menu was this messy burger meat thing that you slopped onto a bun and go to town on it!

Usually I am a very picky eater! I will not eat something that does not look appealing to my eyes. I try to eat the same things most of the time. Like I do not like anyone messing with my breakfast. Breakfast to me should be Eggs Benedict or Bacon, eggs and hash browns. Thats it!

While I don’t eat fast food very often, I often stick to what I like the most, so only breaded chicken sandwiches I will eat.

Now imagine my dilemma when I show up to this party and thats the only food item on the menu besides salad! And I had not eaten before so I was ready to eat anything at that point.

The Sloppy Joe was kept in a crockpot and you had to slop it over some buns…I skipped the bun and just ate it with chips. Well I said to myself, either I was really hungry or that was pretty good!

So I came home and set about testing out how to make this Sloppy Joe. I don’t like sweet so I knew I wanted mine to be a little on the spicy side. I made it like 3 times before I settled on this recipe being my favorite.

These are perfect bites for having a game night or if you have a grad party or even a BBQ!

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I shall be back soon with a Coconut Curry Shrimp recipe!

Click here for Sloppy Joe recipe and video.




Hi There!

I know I have not posted anything in a few weeks. I have not had motivation to cook or I should say documenting and videoing everything that I cook lately.

Before we jump into the recipe for today…who watches the bachelorette? Besides Mr. Pouty Pants that is! While reading my book last night I happened to catch some of it. Now I do not watch this reality TV show at all. I cannot seem to like it.

I don’t like the fact that the girl or boy whichever is the star of it at that time, has to kiss every guy or girl on it before deciding on who they like best! I think of it as a meat market. But either way…last night I just overheard this 1 snippet, of one guy eating a banana and standing over another guy while he was sleeping…and the sleeping guy was complaining to the girl about the banana eating guy.

I am thinking to myself…if you are sleeping how could you know the guy was eating over you? And that really is not the bad part…the part I cracked up about was that she had to get to the bottom of it like she was the parent and not the girl they want to spend the rest of the show with! I mean really!

Okay back to Roti now. I made this recipe before in a huge batch. If you want to make a smaller batch obviously just half the recipe. For the video I only did 4 cups of flour, 1 tablespoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon yeast and 1 teaspoon salt for the dough.

Dhalpuri is a traditional Sunday meal back home. I don’t cook it often as it is time consuming, however it freezes great and you can just reheat in the microwave as needed.

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As Memorial weekend approaches we are busy trying to get our Grilling menu together for the holiday weekend and hope that it does not rain, like it has been here in MN for the last few days.

Now who does not love a good rice dish? A rice dish is so important for dinners or hosting an event. Have you even been to an authentic Mexican restaurant and had their Mexican Rice? The flavor is so simple and delicious with very little work to it.

Its important to get the texture of the rice correct. For this Mexican Rice, it is important to fry the rice for a good 5 minutes. The rice would crisp and have a seared like texture to it. Cooking it in coconut oil gives it an out of this world flavor and the smell if heavenly.

This Mexican rice is the last in my series of Mexican Dishes for a while. if you did not see my previous posts, you should check out my Mexican Inspired Grilled Chicken and my Mexican Street Corn Salad.

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Click here for Mexican Rice recipe.




Who hopped his furry little self into Mr. Pouty Pants life in the most unexpected way. He was wild and lived his life as a free budgie rabbit, for that is what he was! He ate freely of all the plants around the house, even Mr. Pouty Pants most treasured potted plants! He entertained Mr. Pouty Pants as he sat in his office brooding over his next move in the work force.

Alas, but sadly George came to a sudden end in the most unusual way that we will never learn of. Rest in peace George, you wild rascally rabbit.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, lets continue on this Mexican theme that I started last week. Now that Summer is finally making its way to the Midwest, we can fire up our grills and start roasting away our sweet corns. But lets face it, even sweet corn needs a little dressing up.

Today I present to you the most, delicious Mexican Street Corn Salad. It is one of the quickest salads that you can throw together. It is perfect for a BBQ or dinner at home.

Some people use mayo in this, I don’t, as I like to keep it as Mexican as possible. Of course if you cannot get your hands on Mexican Creme then use mayo. You can also substitute the cayenne pepper with paprika if you don’t like the heat.

Try this recipe together with the Mexican inspired Grilled Chicken.

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